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….My Journey from passion to profession and from profession to perfection….

My name is Aman Gupta, I am Delhi {India} based photographer.

Initially, it started with when one of my college friend who runs a photography group, asked me to get along on his multiple photo-walks where I enjoyed and clicked various photographs which were loved by everyone.

Gradually, I took my photography to the next level and turned this joy and passion into a serious profession.

Learning and Experience

I think my experience has added immensely to my growth curve and my expertise finesse and ease with my equipment and subjects is a blend of application of creative ideas, knowledge gained from you tube, other photography related websites and my sheer hard work.

Now it was a time to bring my profession into perfection. It has been a long focused journey keeping in mind the essential keywords and making use of the diverse search engines to understand every critical detail pertaining to photography.

Quality Service

I graduated to a high end professional camera and decided to specialize in wedding and pre-wedding photography projects including both candid and traditional photography. I have been customizing as per client’s requirements and thereby gained huge acceptability in the market.

Photographing a wedding is a huge responsibility and my aim has always been to ease the bride and groom from all of their photography worries. I provide photos that are not only stylish but also exclusive and classic in a timeless exceptional way so that they not only remember but fall in love with these frames of their precious moments for a lifetime..

  • Feel free to contact me for any photography assignment +91 9582156332 or email amangpt091@gmail.com


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My Journey from passion to profession and from profession to perfection

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